Defence and Security

Technological and business challenges facing the EST ecosystem

A program that positions smart and electric transportation in various Defence and Security sector calls for tenders and projects.

This positioning program has two components:

1 – Monitoring strategic information and opportunities

2 – Engagement and awareness

Diversifying electric and smart transportation (EST) product offerings will have a significant impact on reducing GHGs in various sectors across Quebec, including Defence and Security (D&S).

The specific technological, operational and commercial needs of various industrial D&S sectors represent significant benefits for EST ecosystem companies in Quebec.

This initiative is made possible through the financial support of the Government of Canada

Let’s invest in the many business opportunities Defence and Security has to offer!

The EST positioning program for D&S is the first phase of a project that will ultimately allow Propulsion Québec members to tailor their product and service offering to multiple D&S markets, facilitating the transition to electric and smart vehicle fleets and infrastructure. D&S markets are extremely complex. Specialized external resources will allow Propulsion Québec to document issues and needs to position EST in public procurement projects.

Test, develop and market new products in diverse environments, harsh climates and demanding conditions.
Actively help reduce GHGs and support the transition to a green economy.
Support the electrical transition of public security and armed forces vehicle fleets (8,000+ vehicles).
Meet the technological, operational, tactical and commercial needs of security services, armed forces and contractors, as well as key suppliers that are taking an increasing interest in the electrical and smart transition.
Contribute to jobs, innovation and economic growth across the country.
Several active business opportunities directly impact EST sectors

5 Sectors in Electric and Smart Transportation (EST)

Electric vehicle

Smart vehicle

Electric infrastructure

Smart infrastructure

Mobility as a Service (Maas)

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Help extend the reach of Quebec products in Quebec, Canadian and international markets!

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Companies that are interested in different industries can…

At the end of the program, Propulsion Québec must be able to confirm interest in and the potential of a customized support program for companies working or seeking to work in the EST sector in connection with D&S opportunities.

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Sara Pellerin

Director, Programs and Community