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Published on 15 March 2023 Propulsion Québec Tool

The completion of the Diagnosis of the Funding Chain in Quebec’s Electric and Smart Transportation (EST) Sector has provided a clear picture of the issues related to financing.

In parallel, Propulsion Québec launched the Electric and Smart Transportation (EST) Roadmap in June 2022, also called Ambition EST 2030, to make our ecosystem a world-class leader by 2030.

The linkage of these two exercises has allowed us to identify two major objectives for the ecosystem in terms of financing:

  1. To increase the financing allocated to the various growth phases of companies in the EST sector in Quebec;
  2. To increase the attractiveness of the EST sector from the point of view of investors by promoting the emergence of a virtuous circle of growth for Quebec companies and the ecosystem.

In order to contribute to the achievement of the above objectives, Propulsion Québec is launching two guides as well as an Overview of the state of the EST sector in Québec.

Two guides related to the funding of companies in our sector have been developed:


The first one is a guide for investors. It is designed to increase the level of knowledge and interest of Quebec’s and international investment community so that it can become more involved with companies in the EST sector.


The second one is a guide to help Quebec’s entrepreneurs to raise capital in the EST sector. It will help them prepare to present their projects to potential investors.

State of the EST Sector in Quebec and Business Opportunities Overview


  • Present the anticipated evolution of the EST sector, its strengths and Quebec’s positioning
  • Highlight five promising niches of the EST sector in Quebec
  • Present the vision and various structuring elements of the ecosystem’s roadmap to make Quebec a leader by 2030
  • Promote emerging technologies, business and value-added models, and markets of interest in the EST sector

Quebec is currently in an excellent position to aspire to a world leadership position in the electric and smart transportation (EST) industry.

Propulsion Québec, which has over 250 members, supports the growth of the sector through various structuring projects.

This report, intended for companies, investors and institutions from here and elsewhere, seeks to showcase the opportunity that this emerging sector represents in Quebec.

Would you like to have access to the complete portrait produced by Propulsion Québec? Contact :

Michelle LLambias Meunier

Vice President, Operations

Thanks to our partners

This report was made possible thanks to the financial support of the following partners: Gouvernement du Québec, BDC, CDPQ, Desjardins, Fondaction, Greater Montreal Climate Fund, Mackinnon, Bennett & Co. (MKB) and Diagram Ventures.

Special thanks to Finalta Capital, one of Canada’s largest funds specialized in non-dilutive tax credit and government grant financing for its support to innovative, fast-growing companies.

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