LITHIUM-ION BATTERIES : Local and international impact is on the horizon !

The lithium-ion battery sector is a key player in the future of electric and smart transportation in Quebec. Increasing announcements are highlighting the economic and environmental implications both locally and internationally.

by Propulsion Québec
LITHIUM-ION BATTERIES : Local and international impact is on the horizon !

Developments in the creation of the lithium-ion battery supply chain are attracting the interest of the biggest international players and present a tremendous opportunity for Quebec to position itself as a world leader in this sector. The U.S. Inflation Reduction Act further supports this with the announcement of $369 billion (USD) in funding for climate and clean energy policies, tax credit extensions, and North American procurement requirements for critical minerals for electric vehicle batteries.

Quebec currently has a head start in the creation of a battery sector thanks to hydroelectricity, mines and mining development projects, announcements from major players, the construction of factories, government support, recycling, etc.

One example of this strategic advancement in Quebec is the Bécancour industrial park project which is dedicated to the lithium-ion battery sector. How are municipalities involved? What dynamism does this create between the regions in terms of economic development and job creation? What kind of international collaborations are possible?

A panel of experts will explore how this industrial park will position Quebec at the heart of the battery industry and transportation electrification in North America.

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