Cybersecurity grants available for transportation and mobility sector

Over the past 10 years, the use of connected systems in transportation and mobility has exploded. From planes to smart cars, through public transport routing systems, thousands of control and management tools transmit billions of security data points every day. But what happens when hackers take control?

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Cybersecurity grants available for transportation and mobility sector

Their breaches have completely paralyzed cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco and Copenhagen, put air travelers in danger and exposed major industrial secrets. These events have all had a huge political, economic and social impact. Today, it is mission-critical for transport and mobility companies to implement data management systems to protect connected systems and avoid security breaches that would put users at risk.

Quebec Cybersecurity Innovation Program: $12.5 million to protect businesses against hackers

In Québec, Prompt manages the Quebec Cybersecurity Innovation Program (PICQ in French) on behalf of the Ministry of Economy and Innovation. The program provides grants to companies developing cybersecurity projects and initiatives. Created in 2019, the program has contributed to over 40 projects, with $ 12.6 million invested in collaborative research projects with a total value of $51 million. While many of these projects originate with players in the cybersecurity space, the program also attracts businesses with major technology infrastructure. Healthcare, banking, and media companies as well as mobility and transportation firms face challenges such as data protection, secure information transfer, and more.

Cybersecurity: a major concern for governments

For their 2021-2022 budgets, both provincial and federal governments have chosen cybersecurity as one of their main areas of focus. For Quebec, the success of the PICQ program led to an extension and enhancement of the program (1). For Canada, $80 million has just been announced to prioritize cybersecurity at all levels: research and development, systems commercialization, education, etc. (2)

Echoing the major mobility infrastructure projects announced for the few next years, cybersecurity innovation opportunities dedicated to mobility have been increased tenfold. With new research and development projects under way, Quebec’s transport, security and mobility companies are becoming safer – and more competitive. This sector now has specialized tools that meet their own specific needs. Your company has a project in mind and is seeking financial and academic support? Prompt, a catalyst for innovation, is there to support you.

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