Appointment of Louis Tremblay as Chairman of the Board of Directors

by Propulsion Québec
Appointment of Louis Tremblay as Chairman of the Board of Directors

Propulsion Québec is pleased to announce the appointment of Louis Tremblay as Chairman of its Board of Directors. His involvement with the board will be an asset to continue the mobilization of all stakeholders in positioning Quebec among the global leaders in the development and implementation of electric and smart modes of ground transportation.

Mr. Tremblay is President and Chief Executive Officer of AddEnergie and its subsidiary, FLO. A pioneer in the field of electric mobility in Canada, Louis Tremblay cofounded AddEnergie in 2009 while he was still a student at Laval University. The company manufactures charging stations and develops network management software for all markets (residential, commercial, public). AddEnergie owns and operates FLO, Canada’s largest EV charging network, and supplies charging infrastructure and network operation services to third party networks such as the Electric Circuit (Quebec) and eCharge Network (New Brunswick). Today, AddEnergie employs more than 150 people in 7 business places; the company’s headquarters and network operations centre are based in Quebec City, and all products are assembled at its factory in Shawinigan (Quebec). The company also has regional offices in Montreal, Mississauga, Vancouver, San Francisco and New York.

Louis Tremblay graduated from Laval University with a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and pursued graduate-level studies in Power Electronics. In addition to presiding over the Board of Directors of Propulsion Québec, he is also a member of the Generation Energy Council, a 14-member committee set up by Natural Resources Canada, to provide recommendations on how Canada can transition to a reliable, affordable, low-carbon economy in the future.

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