It’s a go!

by Propulsion Québec
It’s a go!

This is it, the NAVYA electric self-driving shuttle is officially in service in Candiac!

Residents of Candiac and all curious and interested public transit users are encouraged to get on board.

In the first long-term pilot project for an electric self-driving shuttle on public roads in Canada, the Kéolis-operated shuttle will run for a period of 12 months, serving residents for nearly eight months. Over the winter an R&D project on the shuttle’s ability to adapt to Quebec winters will be carried out without passengers on board.

The project was made possible thanks to financial support and expertise provided by the Government of Québec and collaboration and support from Propulsion Québec and IVÉO Technopôle.

This first example of an electric self-driving shuttle on public roads is a huge step for Quebec’s entire smart and electric transportation ecosystem. In addition to extending our international reach, it will help us gain experience and collect data that will be crucial to the success of our future projects and the development of Quebec’s autonomous transportation industry.

A remarkable achievement we can all be proud of!