The Québec’ EST industry

Propelling electric and smart transportation (EST) in Quebec

Propulsion Québec is proactively putting in place conditions and measures to ensure the success of the electric vehicle revolution. The electrification of transportation is based on Quebec’s firm commitment to taking a major energy turn, promoting the sustainable development of our economy and providing concrete support in the fight against climate change. Electric trucks, electric buses, electric cars, electric bicycles and scooters: transport mobility is being radically revisited in order to build sustainable, high-performance models.

The unique expertise of high-caliber research in universities, colleges and the private sector is paving the way for large-scale technological innovations, ensuring a greener, richer future for tomorrow’s Quebec. The province is also leveraging its unique hydroelectric know-how to advance the energy transition.


The EST industry in Quebec represents1

> The results are based on data from the census conducted by the Ministère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation in collaboration with Propulsion Québec.

> In order to allow a comparative analysis of the various sectors, please note that the Ministère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation only counts manufacturing companies. (See below, 123 manufacturing companies for 2021)

1 2021 Data

3,3 G$
in turnover
9 308
active players in the battery industry

Quebec, produces all sorts of electric vehicles, from scooters to trains, RVs to specialized vehicles, buses to trucks — everything except cars!

Individual Transportation

Public Transportation

RVs Transportation

Freight Transportation

Specialized Transportation

Rail Transportation

The remarkable evolution of our industry over 5 years!

Turnover of the companies manufacturing companies that make up the of the EST*

5-year increase of :

+300 %

0,6 G$
in 2016
2,5 G$
in 2021

Jobs in the manufacturing industry*

5-year increase of :

+370 %

in 2016
in 2021

Manufacturing companies that make up the EST sector*

5-year increase of :

+120 %

* As defined by the Ministère de l’économie et de l’innovation. The evolution was measured from MEI data available via the following link >>>

in 2016
in 2021

5 promising sectors

The EST Industry spans the entire value chain: electric and smart vehicle manufacturers, vehicle design and assembly firms, driving software developers, battery material mines, and more! There’s charging infrastructure as well as the connectivity infrastructure needed to roll out self-driving vehicles. There are also new-mobility service providers (carpooling, carsharing, MaaS, etc.) and commercial fleet operators.

Electric Vehicle

Smart Vehicles

Electric Infrastructure

Smart Infrastructure

Mobility as a Service

Profile of fleet electrification

The tool Profile of fleet electrification, also called EV Profile, is a dashboard that makes it possible to see data on the vehicles on the road in Quebec for each engine type, whether electric or something else.

8 key strategic ambitions

The Ambition TEI 2030 roadmap is divided into 8 strategic ambitions, major areas of action that provide an effective method for structuring our ecosystem.