Accelerate the development of Quebec’s electric and smart transportation (EST) industry and reinvent the future of mobility.

To rapidly and concretely achieve the decarbonization of ground transportation and support the development of a green and sustainable Quebec economy :

We mobilize and gather
  • companies and startups,
  • partners and collaborators from the institutional and private sectors municipal, provincial and federal institutions,
  • public and private buyers,
  • research and training centers.
We accelerate, share and finance
  • innovations and major advances in the transport sector,
  • the deployment of ground transportation modes,

to reinvent the future of mobility and pave the way for a genuine energy transition.

We study, develop and deploy
  • collaborative projects on crucial issues for our sector,
  • business opportunities.

We speak out and take action

on sustainable transportation initiatives and projects in Quebec.

We position Québec

as a world leader in electric and smart transportation.

We love Quebec, and we aim to make it carbon neutral by 2030

so we’ve come up with a concrete plan to get us there.


A wide range of services for our members

Propulsion Québec offers its members a value proposition that enables them to grow and shine:

  • Representing members’ interests and public positioning
  • Participation in strategic committees and communities of interest related to the ambitions of our green industrial strategy
  • International trade development
  • Access to business intelligence
  • Participation in networking activities and events
  • Promoting, supporting and contributing to the growth of Quebec’s EST ecosystem
  • Access to support and financing programs

8 key strategic ambitions

The Ambition TEI 2030 roadmap is divided into 8 strategic ambitions, major areas of action that provide an effective method for structuring our ecosystem.