Vincent Georjon

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Deputy General Manager, Mobilities and Resources, Tisséo Collectivités

Vincent Georjon graduated in 1993 from ENTPE, École Nationale des Travaux Publics de l'État (National School of Public Works) in Lyon with a Master II (equivalent) Degree in Public Engineering, Specialising in Transportation Planning.  Vincent’s career began at the Infrastructure State Department in Nantes followed by Region Alsace in Strasbourg, as Chief of Intermodality Projects.  His experience was with tram-train projects, station planning and fare policy.  In 2001, Vincent became the Transportation and Mobility Director for Nîmes Métropole, assisting with the design and creation of the then new transportation network, including a BRT project, the definition of the first sustainable mobility plan of that area (250 000 inhabitants).

In 2007, Vincent joined Tisséo Collectivités as Director of the Network.  Tisséo Collectivités is the mobility authority responsible for the Metropolitan Area of Toulouse, with over 1M inhabitants.

In 2015, Tisséo Collectivités decided to structure the future of its new mobility plan around a new metro line project, Toulouse Aerospace Express. Vincent directed the first stages of this project: the new line will be 27 km long, connect 5 train stations, and provide the accessibility of about 200,000 jobs, mainly in the aerospace and innovation industries.

Since 2019 to the present, Vincent manages all resources and mobility planning for Tisseo Collectivités.