Thomas Derichebourg

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President, Derichebourg Poly-Environnement, Derichebourg Océan Indien, Derichebourg Propreté Océan Indien, Derichebourg Canada Environnement, Derichebourg Environnement Revival and Vice-President of the “Task Force Ville Durable MEDEF International”

Born in 1976 in the Val d'Oise (95), Thomas Derichebourg choses to join the family company in 2009.

The family group of companies is now represented in 12 countries, on 3 continents, and has 36,800 employees around the world. In 2019, the group achieved € 2.7 billion in sales. Derichebourg Group is a major international player in services for businesses and communities. It offers a full and integrated range of services in two complementary sectors of activity: environmental services (including recycling, repurposing, household waste collection, urban cleaning and management of waste treatment centres and water treatment) and business services (sanitation, urban lighting, interim staffing and green spaces).

Today, Thomas Derichebourg is President of :

  • « Derichebourg Poly-Environnement » : Services to local authorities, in charge of all operations in France.
  • « Derichebourg Océan Indien », « Derichebourg Propreté Océan Indien » : Operations in the South of the Reunion Island.
  • « Derichebourg Canada Environnement» : Services to local authorities.
  • « Derichebourg Environnement Revival » : Chairman of the areas Grand Paris and Northern France for the conversion business in the ferrous and non-ferrous metals division.

Thomas Derichebourg is Vice-President of the “Task Force Ville Durable MEDEF International”.

He was awarded the Franco-Quebec Business Leader's Award of Excellence in December 2017 by the Cercle des Dirigeants d'Entreprises Franco-Québécois.

The Derichebourg Group is a family group founded in 1958 by Mr. Guy Derichebourg, the grandfather of Mr. Thomas Derichebourg.

Derichebourg Group was an Official Partner of the COP21 in charge of all cleaning services and waste management and was also a partner of the COP22 in Marrakech in charge of services related to waste management, cleanliness and safety.

DERICHEBOURG Environment : Committed to serving the Environment.