Sylvain Descombes

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V-P Mine & Concentrator Matawinie Project, Nouveau Monde Graphite

Sylvain Descombes, Eng. is a mechanical engineer graduated from Laval University.

Following the completion of his degree, he left for Northern Quebec to take his first steps as an engineer and in the mining industry. The mining industry allowed him to contribute to all levels of management in the largest open pit mine in Canada, the mining operation of Mount Wright near the town of Fermont.

In 2011, this adventure allowed him to become one of the key players in one of the most ambitious mining development projects in Quebec. This project allowed the Mount Wright operation to increase its iron ore production from 16 Mtpa to 24 Mtpa.

Following this project, he was recruited by the ArcelorMittal Liberia project to take responsibility for the construction of the 15 Mtpa mine and concentrator. Unfortunately, this project was put on hold in 2015 due to the Ebola Outbreak and the fall in the price of iron ore.

Back in Canada, he returned to work for ArcelorMittal Mine Canada and took on the responsibilities of Project and Technology Director.

In 2019, Sylvain decided to leave the ArcelorMittal mining group to join the Nouveau Monde Graphite team. The vision of NMG met his deep values of investigating more respectful operating methodologies and a circular economy principle that could generate significant economic benefits for Quebec for several decades.

With more than 20 years of experience in the mining sector, in engineering and construction activities as well as in operations and maintenance management, Sylvain can affirm that he is a true Miner.