Stéphane Labrecque

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Fleet Director, Videotron Ltd

After studying business at Université de Sherbrooke, Stéphane left his native Sherbrooke in 1995 and moved to South Shore Montréal to manage a Bell store. In 1997, he made a career change and became a Technical Advisor at Protectron, a Videotron Group subsidiary. He was soon appointed Acting Technical Director. In 1999, he was offered the position of Fleet Manager at Videotron Telecom. He was then hired by Videotron Ltd. as a road safety supervisor and maintenance and repair manager. He rose through the ranks to become Senior Manager in 2011. On the strength of his determination, hard work and drive, Stéphane was put in charge of Videotron's vehicle fleet in 2019. He has applied his vision and expertise to improve fleet management and make Videotron a model in the area. Today, Stéphane and his team of 9 manage the life cycles of more than 1,200 vehicles across Québec and a $16M budget.