Stéphane Feray-Beaumont

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Vice President Innovation and Smart Mobility, Alstom

Stéphane Feray-Beaumont was named Alstom’s Vice President of Innovation and Smart Mobility when the organization launched its Alstom in Motion strategy in July 2019. In this role, he is responsible for leading Alstom’s Smart Mobility business unit and driving the Innovation pillar of Alstom’s global strategy.

From 2018 to 2019, Stéphane was Vice-President, Market Portfolio, for Alstom’s digital product line dealing with signalling, core technology and smart mobility. Prior to this, he was Director of Energy Efficiency Solutions.

Stéphane first joined Alstom in 1992 to work with the company’s Corporate Research Centre, then transitioned to the Rolling Stock division to focus on traction drive controls. In 1998, he accepted a role with Alstom’s signalling business as Research and Development Leader and then was appointed Director, Communications Based Train Control (CBTC)/Driverless Metro and European Railway Signalling Solution. Based on his successes, Stéphane was named Alstom’s Platform Director for Mass Transit in 2004.

Stéphane joined General Electric (GE) in July 2007, where he remained until returning to Alstom following the organization’s 2015 acquisition of General Electric’s signalling business. At GE, he held global responsibility for the company’s Global Signalling Vital Train Control portfolio and became the Managing Director of GE’s (CBTC) and European Train Control System (ETCS) development.

Stéphane benefits from 25 years of deep experience in the transport sector that includes expert knowledge of signalling and command control industries. He started his career as an academic and was involved in research programs for the chemical engineering industry and nuclear power plants and holds a PhD in Control Engineering and Artificial Intelligence.