Smart, Safe & Sustainable

Robert St-Germain

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National Channel Manager, Cyberkar Systems

Rob is a technology representative active in servicing emergency response organizations across North America for the past 20 years. Rob works for an innovative Canadian technology manufacturer called Cyberkar Systems, the makers of Kommander in-dash patrol car technology that has a strong ergonomic element of promoting officer in-car workplace wellness, health and safety. One of the goals of Kommander is to contribute to the reduction of workplace safety & insurance board (WSIB) claims as well as lowering officer in-car Operation Stress Injuries (OSI) in law enforcement duty vehicles.

In today’s police operational environments, one or more officers can typically spend up to 12 hours for her/his typical work shift in an in-car workspace now “mobile office” environment.

More and more technology is being designed with ergonomic officer wellness, health and safety considerations in mind. The use of this technology moves toward less injury for the in-car officers bringing them more security into their daily activities and reduced agency costs related to staff absenteeism due physical ailments, like neck strain or lower back pain of the officers. Mounted in-car technology solutions, leveraged on a day to day basis by officers, must contribute significantly to their ease of movement by providing more available, uninhibited free space between the driver and passenger seats.

There are enormous gains in the use of existing and future technology for emergency response personnel, but its effectiveness must always be measured against the impacts on officer wellness, health and safety.

Rob travels across North America visiting with Law Enforcement agencies to promote officer in-car workplace wellness, health and safety considerations when choosing in-car emergency response and IT equipment.