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Raoul Pascal

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Division Head, Specialized Products and Services Division of the Rolling Stock and Workshops Department, City of Montreal

Raoul Pascal has almost 20 years’ experience in project and operations management at different levels and in a variety of roles. He has worked for Transcontinental, Sico, and Bombardier and has a Bachelor of Business Administration from Université du Québec à Montréal.

Raoul’s leadership skills led him to specialize in the optimization of business and continuous improvement processes and in project management. This made him well qualified to participate in a host of large-scale projects at both Transcontinental and Bombardier.

It also earned him an appointment as manager of the Industrial Engineering team for Bombardier’s Global 5000 and 6000 aircraft program. In 2016 he was recognized by Bombardier management for his outstanding performance and dedication in turbulent times.

Now at the City of Montréal, Raoul is looking to optimize workshop manufacturing and maintenance operations and improve central services and operator training in the 19 boroughs of the city.

He has been managing the training team for one year now and has spearheaded the FORMATION 3.0 project, designed to integrate new technology into training for municipal operators.