Ramzi Gharbi

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Head of Business Strategy and Development, CAE Inc.

Mr. Gharbi Joined CAE in 2006 as an Aircraft Systems Specialist. His mandate was to design, develop and integrate highly sophisticated avionic systems on multiple Full Flight Simulator platforms. He traveled the world to ensure that his systems are accepted and qualified by various aviation authorities on CAE training devices. During his career at CAE he occupied multiple technical and leadership positions and he was assigned as Field Service Representative with multiple Airlines to ensure smooth entry into service of CAE devices. Also, Ramzi had the chance to work with one the fast-growing Airline, leading training center operation and mixed fleet training devices maintenance. Since 2012, he held leadership roles in different products and services organizations, in both Engineering and Customer Interfacing. Since 2019 he is leading the growth strategy for the Aftermarket unit and currently assigned to a special innovation project, where his mandate is to put new Digital Twins solution in the market. Ramzi has bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering, with specialization in industrial computing, from École Polytechnique de Montréal and an Executive MBA from UQAM Management Sciences School.