Philippe Beauchamp

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CEO, UgoWork

Philippe Beauchamp - Moving forward the sustainable energy solutions for the material handling industry.

Philippe Beauchamp is one of the brains behind UgoWork. As a trained electrical engineer, he put his in-depth understanding of batteries’ electromechanical components—specifically rechargeable Li-ion batteries—at the service of an industry at the supply chain center: material handling.

With one of the most discussed topics in MH recently, Philippe and his partner Rami Jarjour address the future of reliable energy for the supply chain. With UgoWork, lithium-ion, fleet data, and applied energy know-how join forces to ensure uptime and increase companies’ production and efficiency in their material handling needs.

Before co-founding UgoWork, Philippe worked for Alstom Power, a global provider of industry-focused energy solutions, where he advised in the development of power solutions for hydro-electrical projects. He holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Laval University and pursued master-level studies on energy management at Sherbrooke University. Philippe is also a member of l’Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec and an active member of Propulsion Québec, the cluster for electric and smart transportation.

Today, Philippe and Rami bring together a team with complementary expertise and skills around a shared vision. UgoWork’s mission is to provide the most advanced and sustainable energy solution to support the supply chain’s needs. UgoWork challenges and rethinks the energy supply model in material handling and provides a solution for the industry’s specific needs.