Miguel Sangalang

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Interim Executive Director and General Manager for the Bureau of Street Lighting, City of Los Angeles

Miguel Sangalang serves as the Interim Executive Director and General Manager for the Bureau of Street Lighting of the City of Los Angeles (LA LIGHTS). As the head of the agency his role is shaped by two major responsibilities: the upkeep and improvement of the city's 220,000 street lighting infrastructure assets; and, the adoption of new tools and practices to ensure the city meets the needs of its residents well into the future. To that end, he is working to make street lighting a true neighborhood asset that reflects culture of the communities it illuminates, improves public safety, and helps bridge the digital divide.

Previously, Miguel served as Deputy Mayor for Budget & Innovation for LA Mayor Eric Garcetti. He directly oversaw the annual city budget, performance management, personnel, risk management, procurement reform, technology infrastructure, as well as sustainability, equity in service, gender equity, data, emerging technologies and the local implementation of Census 2020. Six city departments with over 3,000 personnel directly reported to his office.

Miguel has been instrumental in shepherding key mayoral initiatives, including CleanStat, which changed the approach to illegal dumping cleaning from a reactive, request-driven process, to a proactive, data-driven model, and MyVoiceLA, the city’s first centralized reporting tool for harassment and discrimination. He led the creation of the city’s open data portal early on in the administration and helped lead the City to certification as Platinum for ISO37120 (Indicators for a sustainable city and quality of life), Gold certification for What Works Cities, and three recognitions as the #1 digital city by Govtech.