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Marie-Hélène Cloutier

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Vice President, Customer Experience, Marketing & Sales, Keolis Canada

Strategist, vector of change and manager for more than 10 years with multinationals, large companies and SMEs, Marie Hélène Cloutier has extensive experience in team management, digital strategy, customer service, complex operations, finance and marketing. She has worked with local, small business, corporate, franchised and unionized clients. Marie Hélène has participated in the creation of business units, complex change management business redesigns, digital product launch strategy and the creation of profitable partnerships.

Capable of 360° management, Marie Hélène aspires to build, plan and lead a company undergoing changes process towards success. She is passionate about innovation, project initiation, customer experience, business vision realization, stakeholder management and establishing strategies to optimize existing operational configurations by bringing employees together through a vision for the future.

At Keolis Canada, Marie Hélène was responsible for the impressive recovery in Orléans Express’ sales for intercity transport operations and the group’s commitment to new mobility. She has successfully implemented a profound change in its entrepreneurial culture: total digitisation of the company while enhancing the value of existing human resources, introduction of a management system based on data analysis and a drastic repositioning of the brand.
In charge of partnerships, new mobility and global trials in autonomous and electric shuttle pilot projects, Marie Hélène managed stakeholders for the first Canadian operation of an autonomous shuttle on public roads, including the amendment of Bill 165 prior the launch.

Marie Hélène Cloutier is recognized for her leadership, organizational skills, partnership culture, concrete vision of situations and ability to plan and project over the long term.

Proudly nominated for the Mercuriades 2018 and 2019 (FCCQ) – Future of exceptional women, named in the Top 30 list of young people aged 30 and under in IT in Quebec – Les Affaires, June 2014 and Company of the Year 2016 “Keolis Canada” – AMQ, May 2016.