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Marco Viviani

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Vice-President, strategic development, Communauto

Marco Viviani is the Vice-President, strategic development for Communauto, the oldest carsharing organization in North America and the largest in Canada, operating in 13 cities in Canada and France.

After his studies at the University of Milan (Italy), he assumed a leading position in environmental organizations at European level (World Wide Fund for nature, Eco-institute in Italy) in the field of energy efficiency and sustainable mobility. His involvement in carsharing started in 1997, with a first research on the subject, and became his focus when he joined Communauto in 2003. With Communauto he largely contributed to some of its recent accomplishments: the progressive electrification of the fleet, the integration with transit and other mobility services, the combination of the station-based and free-floating carsharing as well the international expansion of Communauto’s activities. He is one of the founders of the Carsharing Association.