Smart, Safe & Sustainable

Keith Todd Kerman

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New York City’s Chief Fleet Officer and Deputy Commissioner at the Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) Keith is an agency lead for Mayor de Blasio’s Vision Zero initiative to eliminate traffic fatalities in NYC and is currently spearheading a series of safety initiatives for the City fleet. In partnership with the City’s large operating agencies such as Police and Sanitation, Keith also led a major effort to share services and consolidate aspects of New York City’s vast fleet operations. New York City has the largest municipal fleet in the United States with over 31,000 vehicles, 37 main repair locations, and over 2,000 staff engaged in fleet operations and dispatch. New York City has one of the greenest fleets in the nation, with more than 18,000 vehicles operating on some type of alternative fuel including hybrids, electric, compressed natural gas, biodiesel, and renewable diesel. NYC’s fleet sustainability efforts have been recognized nationally and locally by, among others, Federal EPA, NYS DEC, the National Biodiesel Board, the National Fleet Manager’s Association (NAFA), and Fleet Owner Magazine. Keith is now in his 25th year of public service, having served over 17 years with NYC Parks, most recently as Assistant Commissioner for Citywide Operations working at the Arsenal in Central Park. Keith is a native of Massachusetts and a graduate of Harvard College, as is his wife and classmate Attorney Denise Delgado-Kerman. Keith and Denise have two young children, Todd Nelson and Keith Norman.