Josée Chiasson

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Director of economic hub development, The Service du développement économique of the Ville de Montréal

Josée Chiasson has been the Director of economic hub development with Montreal’s Service du développement économique since December 2017. Her mandate is to develop strategies that energize economic hubs and boost the Montreal metropolitan area’s appeal. Working with the region’s economic players and armed with an action plan geared towards developing an integrated and sustainable vision for employment areas, she initiates innovative projects to promote greater industrial synergy, economic growth and sustainable mobility for people and goods.

During her time as the General Manager of Développement économique Saint-Laurent, Josée spearheaded the borough’s strategic planning for economic development and improved the performance of its industrial and technological sectors. Throughout her career, she has developed and managed specialized projects, programs and services that help businesses grow.

Josée now has 15 years of experience in economic development. She holds a joint International Business Management MBA from the Université de Moncton (Canada), Western Illinois University (USA), and the Universidad Autonòma de Querétaro (Mexico). She also has a certificate in local development management from the Université de Sherbrooke and is known for her strong leadership and creativity.