Jeff Turner

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Senior Research Lead, DUNSKY Energy Consulting

Jeff’s passion for clean mobility and advanced energy technologies has led to a career at the nexus of sustainable transportation, energy storage, demand response and renewable energy. His experience – more than a decade working with vehicle manufacturers, research institutes, utilities and governments – affords him a unique, grounded perspective on what is needed to move the needle on market adoption of clean energy technologies. Jeff’s work has covered personal and commercial vehicle engineering, electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, energy storage technology, vehicle-grid integration, and demand response, among others.

Jeff is a recognized leader in transportation electrification, and currently serves on the board of Electric Mobility Canada. Prior to joining our team, Jeff worked at Powertech Labs, a subsidiary of BC Hydro, where he led EV charging infrastructure initiatives, supported EV adoption within corporate and government fleets, and contributed to the development of utility and government programs and policies. Jeff also spent two years working for Azure Dynamics, a manufacturer of electric and hybrid trucks and commercial vehicles. Jeff holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from McGill University. Jeff’s passion for sustainability drives both his profession and his personal life, and he loves collaborating with clients in their efforts to accelerate the clean energy transition.