Jean-François Guay

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Vice-President & Chief Commercial Officer, DRAKKAR Aerospace and Ground Transportation

Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer at DRAKKAR Aerospace & Ground Transportation, Jean-François Guay has nearly 15 years of experience in key management and executive roles, both in Montreal and Internationally, providing him with a unique understanding of the industry practices used around the world.

A true enthusiast of transportation products, Jean-François has diversified expertise in the entire product cycle, from engineering to commissioning, including manufacturing operations, industrial engineering, logistics and methods, and commercial activities. A natural leader with strong communication and relationship-building skills, Jean-François excels in identifying and seizing opportunities while developing and implementing innovative business strategies and solutions.

His impressive track record, extensive skillset and hands-on strategic approach make Jean-François Guay a strong driver of growth and success for all the projects he contributes to within key cutting-edge sectors.