Jean-François Belzile

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Harbour Master and Director, Marine Operations, Montreal Port Authority

Mr. Jean-François Belzile brings over 25 years of shipping industry experience to his position. Before joining the Montreal Port Authority as Harbour Master and Director of Marine Operations, in November 2015, he cumulated a wealth of experience as terminal superintendent and vessel planner for marine intermodal terminals. He also served as Director of Marine Operations at the Shipping Federation of Canada, an organization representing over 70 companies, managing or operating activities in Canada for over than 200 shipping lines operating worldwide.

Holder of a college degree in navigation from Quebec’s maritime institute (IMQ) and of a certificate in Marine Transportation from Concordia University, Mr Belzile is an acting member of the St. Lawrence River Navigation Safety Committee, the Canadian Hydrographic Service (CHS) Hydrographic Works Committee and President of the St. Lawrence River Maintenance Dredging Advisory Committee, while also being President of the St. Lawrence River users’ group. He is also greatly involved in e-Navigation development, having served as the National Sub-committee co-chair for several years, while organising and chairing a national e-nav conference during the same period, and is currently a cochair of the regional e-navigation Sub-committee for the Quebec region.