Frédéric Prégent

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General Manager, Taxelco
Before joining Taxelco, Frédéric Prégent completed a bachelor's degree in sociology before earning a certificate in law and an MBA in Management in 2011. Mr. Prégent has cumulated numerous management experiences having worked at DCYSA Architecture, Dessau as well as Intelcom Express in the past. He then joined the Taxelco team, first as Director of Operations for Taxi Hochelaga and held several positions, thereafter, working on the creation of strategic partnerships, as well as business intelligence through a complex dispatch interface. He has now held the role of General Manager of Taxelco for more than a year and takes care, among other things, of the strategic planning of the company, its business development, and more, while managing the different teams within the company. Over the past few weeks, Mr. Prégent and his team have relaunched Téo Taxi, a fully electric transportation service.