Cristina Paula Miclea

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Other speakers

Zero Emission Freight Programme Manager, C40

Cristina works as a Programme Manager for C40’s Zero Emission Freight (ZEF) Programme. The ZEF programme works with the C40 Green and Healthy Streets signatory cities and partners to transition to more efficient, zero emission freight and support the delivery of ambitious zero emission areas by 2030. This includes knowledge sharing activities and the delivery of technical support to cities on zero emission goods transportation projects and policies. Cristina is also the lead for the Zero Emission Freight Academy, an event bringing together cities and experts to address challenges and barriers to the uptake of zero emissions freight and commercial vehicles, share expertise, best practices and develop action plans. Previously, Cristina worked as part of C40’s Climate Action Planning programme, helping cities update their climate action plans in line with the objectives of the Paris Climate Agreement, and worked closely with the New York City Mayor’s Office of Sustainability to develop guidance on achieving city carbon neutrality. Before joining C40, Cristina worked as a Fellow for the MIT Climate CoLab, an analyst for the Environmental Investment Organisation and conducted consultancy work for a London local borough. She is an alumna of the MSc Environmental Technology at Imperial College London.