Camille Boulier

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Vice-president Strategy, Business development and Communications, Transdev Canada

Camille Boulier has worked in the public transport sector for almost 10 years. She specializes in public relations with local authorities, territorial marketing of public mobility policies and the setting up of complex projects, particularly in the context of public-private partnerships (PPP).

Graduated from the Institute of Political Studies “SciencesPo Bordeaux”, Camille began her career in parliamentary institutions. She joined Veolia Transport Group in 2010, and in 2013 becomed a business engineer in the Transdev Group's General Management of France, where she participates in the definition and implementation of the commercial strategy (definition of targets and consistency of commercial proposals, competitive positioning, new services, etc.). As such, she has contributed to the management of complex and large-scale projects, as the new Mont-Saint-Michel access system in the context of restoring its maritime character, or the multi-stakeholder setting up of the Rouen Normandy Autonomous Lab, first European on-demand mobility service on open roads with autonomous vehicles.

In April 2019, Camille joined Transdev Canada, a fully owned subsidiary of Transdev Group, as Vice President Strategy, Business Development and Communication to support the exceptional transformation dynamics of sustainable mobility at work in Canada. Today Transdev Canada has 2700 employees and operates in Quebec, Ontario and Alberta, particularly in the fields of transit, paratransit, medical transportation, and student transportation. Transdev is also the future operator of the Hurontario light rail as part of a PPP in the Greater Toronto Area. Finally, since 2020 Transdev has also been a pioneer in the energy transition in Quebec, with 30 electric school buses in circulation, the largest fleet currently in operation invested by a private company in Canada.