Anthony Mainville

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President, AttriX, Powered by GeoTab

Anthony Mainville is an entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in telecommunications and commercial fleet management solutions. He founded AttriX in 2012 with the goal of offering commercial fleet managers compliance and telematics solutions that keep drivers safe and promote green driving, thereby optimizing fleet operations.

Anthony and the AttriX team have spent the past five years developing a solution in partnership with Geotab, the world’s leading commercial telematics supplier according to ABI Research. That work has resulted in over 100 new Attrix innovations that substantially improve operator driving habits, green driving, and employee retention. Although originally designed for traditional fleets, AttriX technology can now be used with electric vehicles to address one of the biggest challenges in sustainable mobility.

Today, AttriX ensures the operational compliance of over 15,000 heavy machinery operators working in Québec’s transportation industry and civil engineering sector. Anthony is committed to putting his knowledge and experience to work for government and commercial fleet manufacturers and operators as they transition to new, cleaner forms of energy.