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Other partners

Transdev Canada is part of the Transdev Group, a global operator and integrator of mobility services in thousands of cities and communities around the world, in 20 countries, including extensive operations in the U.S. The company has operated in Canada for the past 20 years with a reputation for integrity and quality serving the Exo transit authority in greater Montreal, school boards, multiple municipalities, and York Southwest Region near Toronto. Transdev Canada is part of the Transdev group, a global operator and mobility integrator in thousands of cities and communities in 20 countries around the world. Transdev has been present in Canada for 20 years. With a relationship of trust with its customers and a recognized quality of service, particularly in its activities for the Exo network in Greater Montreal, school boards, many municipalities and the York Southwest region, near Toronto, Transdev is the largest private carrier in Canada. As an operator and global integrator of mobility, Transdev gives people the freedom to move whenever and however they choose. every day we allow citizens to move more freely. We are proud to bring 11 million passengers trips every day through efficient, easy to use and environmentally friendly transportation services that connect people and communities. Our approach is rooted in long-term partnership with businesses public authorities, and in the relentless pursuit of the safest and most innovative mobility solutions. We are a team of people serving people, and mobility is what we do. We are the mobility company.