Smart Columbus

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Other partners

In 2016, Columbus beat 77 cities to win U.S. Department of Transportation’s Smart City Challenge. Through the $40 million grant awarded by the USDOT, we are empowering our residents to live their best lives through responsive, innovative and safe mobility solutions. Grant projects are expanding access to transportation to improve access to jobs, education, healthcare and even healthy food, in order to build ladders of opportunity in our community. Winning the Challenge came with an additional $10 million in grant funding from the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation, which we’re using to increase the adoption of electric and sustainable vehicles and prepare our infrastructure for the vehicles of tomorrow. Upon the grant’s conclusion in 2021, Smart Columbus will have installed over 900 EV charging ports, influenced over 3,200 individuals to buy an EV, launched the first self-driving shuttle operating on public residential streets, deployed six Smart Mobility Hubs in Columbus, made it easier for residents, to plan and pay for trips in our community, and engaged over 100,000 residents. Discover how Smart Columbus leveraged public-private partnerships in the community to accelerate mobility innovation in the region.