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Other partners

Formed in 2016, Groupe Civilia Inc. is a company specializing in transportation and artificial intelligence. Its team of passionate, experienced professionals develop innovative solutions that allow cities and public transit authorities to provide a smooth and efficient flow of traffic.

Around the world, the transportation of people and goods is a major challenge for communities. With technological developments occurring at a rapid pace, vast quantities of useful data are being generated, which can help us understand transportation needs and optimize the use of transportation networks. Civilia has managed to process a massive amount of this ocean of data to improve system management and provide citizens with relevant, real-time information.

Civilia offers a range of solutions that align with new global trends aiming to improve the way citizens experience living in communities, such as smart transportation systems, connected objects and smart cities. The common denominator of these new trends is the ability to establish dynamic relationships with citizens and things via new technologies and the strength of social networks.

Civilia has an extensive partner network that supports it in developing solutions, including Polytechnique Montréal, the University of South Florida, McGill University and the Université de Sherbrooke. These collaborations are confirmation that Civilia’s approach is cutting-edge and that the company is at the forefront when it comes to operationalizing artificial intelligence concepts in the field of public transit.