CIRRELT – Interuniversity Research Centre on Enterprise Networks, Logistics and Transportation

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The mission of the CIRRELT is to be an interdisciplinary research center of international reputation, where the best researchers and professionals are trained. It develops and communicates state-of-the-art knowledge and technologies to design, manage and operate innovative, effective, safe and sustainable networks. The methods and solutions developed provide high value solutions to numerous complex socio-economical challenges. CIRRELT researchers are focusing their efforts on the design, management, operation and safety of logistics, service, and infrastructure networks. With its interdisciplinary expertise, CIRRELT researchers optimize the usage of networks and propose innovative and sustainable solutions to complex socio-economical challenges. They help policy makers and managers by combining their talent to deal with public infrastructure issues, service networks in several areas such as transportation, telecommunications, health care, finance and energy, as well as logistics networks where many business units are coordinated to transform efficiently raw material into a combined set of products to be delivered to the users or customers. They also study reverse logistics networks dealing with product recovery and recycling.