Desjardins Caisse des Transports

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Transport is our business

Caisse Desjardins des Transports, with a business volume of $ 1.7 billion and various service points across the province, is a major player!

With its expertise in public transport, rail, and port as well as trucking, our team of around fifty professionals is there to meet the needs of its workers, taking into account what really sets them apart.

Transport is our passion! Trucks, buses, boats and trains, we know the transport industry inside and out.

Our mission
To be a reliable and efficient partner in the realization of the projects of all those working in transport services.
To conduct financial transactions with prudence, confidence and simplicity, while always working in the interests of members and clients. We have been serving our members remotely for over 20 years! Our advisors are available by email, secure video conference (Microsoft Teams) and phone.
Encourage and support the sustainable development of transport through concrete actions and investments with community partners.
To be the financial institution recognized in the transport sector for the excellence of its service.

See big and far
Caisse des Transports: A leading player in the global offering for businesses!
A unique reality requires a personalized and adapted offer
We understand the unique reality of transport workers as well as their specific needs. That’s why we have an offer tailored to your employees.

Aim for efficiency!

The field of transport is very competitive. Our objective? Improve your productivity rate by targeting efficiency first and foremost!

  • Turnkey payroll service allowing you to focus on the "real business"
  • Group insurance at reduced rates
  • Offer to companies aimed at supporting the maintenance of your team and reducing the loss of time related to hiring

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