Boivin Evolution

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Boivin Evolution located on the south shore of Quebec City is the first equipment manufacturer to offer 100% electric automated trucks for the collection of residential waste.

With more than 40 years of experience in the field of innovative refuse collection equipment, Claude Boivin, well known among the largest equipment manufacturers in North America is coming back with a brand new concept under the name of BOIVIN EVOLUTION INC. This new company in the Waste Collection Industry is the continuation of many innovations that Claude Boivin and his team of engineers have brought to the waste collection and recycling business over the years.

The company’s mission is to further develop 100% electric collection vehicles to lower their environmental footprint by reducing fuel usage, GHG emissions and eliminating hydraulic oil spills.

« Electricity for efficiency » summarizes really well the daily actions of the Boivin Evolution team and their products will amaze and impress you!

For information:
420, 1re Avenue, Lévis (Québec) Canada G6W 5M6