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Exprolink is the only North American manufacturer of compact outdoor cleaning vehicles. Our unique Madvac sweepers and litter vacuums help urban centers address their many outdoor cleaning challenges. Madvac vehicles are used to sweep / vacuum / wash areas that larger-size machines cannot access or manage. This includes sidewalks and curbs, alleys, bike and pedestrian lanes, parks, bus shelters, public markets, alongside buildings, parking lots and pathways.

The Madvac product line has a 30-year history and is well-known for its quality, performance, and durability. Our machines are sold worldwide via a network of independent, specialized dealers.

In 2018 Exprolink launched its new line of All-Electric litter vacuums. (LN/LR50) This green initiative meets the growing demand for environmentally-friendly litter control vehicles. Our machines use lithium-ion batteries that can be charged on a standard wall socket 120/240 volts. When fully charged offers 6 to 8 autonomy.

Madvac clients include government, airports, educational and sports facilities, casinos, shopping malls, amusement parks, seaports, military, transfer stations, landfills, and large warehousing / manufacturing sites.

Our vehicles are easy to operate and do not require a CDL.

Each machine we build is designed to handle poor climate conditions including rain. Madvac uses a unique straight-through suction system that makes it impossible for litter to jam the fan. Our units compact litter by a ratio of 2 to 1 and can vacuum litter that is dry, humid or wet.

Madvac vehicles are built according to North American standards. Units are shipped fully assembled, ready for use. Each machine has a simple mechanical design which facilitates maintenance and repair. Spare parts shipped within 48 hours on all our models.

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