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Is there a regulatory framework for location data?


Analysing location data can help service providers assess whether to boost services in one part of a city versus another, at a particular time of day or in preparation for an upcoming festival, for instance. However, the data used for these analyses is linked to individuals and makes it possible to identify them. City planners and business managers working to improve our ever-changing environment must incorporate the rules for privacy protection into their activities. But what are these rules?

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A turnkey solution to electrify last-mile fleets


7Gen is leading the EV revolution with its efficient end-to-end electrification of buses and trucks for one monthly fee and no investment. The Vancouver-based company is easing the transition to zero emission for several Quebec carriers, especially on urban routes. 7Gens vision has sparked the interest ofseveral investors, including the Fonds de solidarité FTQ, which became a partner in late 2021.

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