Software and artificial intelligence designer for smart vehicles


Programming/computer science/data/artificial intelligence, Smart vehicles

General description

Software and artificial intelligence designers for smart vehicles are key members of a team that develops machine learning solutions for embedded imaging systems in autonomous and semi-autonomous cars. They advise on and deploy new technology, monitor and improve the performance of infrastructure systems, deploy storage systems, and ensure integration and ongoing deployment. Automation is the key to meeting most challenges, especially those that involve labor, energy savings, and innovation!

Examples of tasks and responsibilities

  • Research and select automation tools, simulation and assessment methods, and algorithms for designing software and artificial intelligence architecture for smart vehicles
  • Design, develop, and implement test tools, simulation methods, or algorithms for autonomous driving
  • Update and contribute to the continuous improvement of product performance
  • Assess and contribute to the continuous improvement of system performance

Required skills

  • Programming skills with various languages (Python, C, C++, QML, GLSL, etc.)
  • Excellent ability to analyze, understand, and adapt systems and codes
  • Strong skills in software development, data processing, and automated testing
  • Proficiency in in 3D perception/robotics
  • Knowledge of cloud computing platforms (e.g., Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google App Engine, etc.)
  • Knowledge of continuous integration systems and automated deployment tools (e.g., Jenkins, Salt, Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Travis CI, Perforce, etc.)
  • Ability to be proactive and understand the technical aspects of advanced technology

Required training

Specialization(s) that may be required


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